• كالسيوم فوسفيت يحفز المناعة الذاتية وتقليل فرص الاصابه بالفطريات البيضية
  • Calcium phosphate stimulates the immune system and reduces the chance of infection with eggshell fungi

Is a unique nutritional supplement that rovides phosphate and calcium in a soluble from and highly concentrated.  It increases the natural resistance against fungal diseases.The product has ascending and descending action in the plant which may be used foliar or by irrigation

Calcium content decreases the incidence of parasitic diseases due to the lack of calcium estabilizes the cell walls and cell membranes leaving the plant exposed to attack by fungi and bacteria

Phosphorus appears in phosphate ion, and in combination with calcium promotes self-defenses mechanism against plant diseases, not creating any resistance to this product.

Crop impact is specially indicated to activate the metabolism after stress situations

Phosphorus(P2O5) 13% w/w
Calcium(Ca) 6% w/w


It is specially used to stimulate the vital processes in the plant after stress cases.

-It is a unique liquid fertilizer that provides phosphorous and calcium in a soluble and highly concentrated form

Instructions for use:

Drip irrigation from2: 3liters per feddan, foliar application from200: 300 cm / 100 liters


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