KRYSTAFEED® 13-40-13

  • تركيبه مميزه من مصادر نقية للازوت والبوتاسيوم وعالي الفوسفور لتحفيز عمليتي تطور الجذور والتزهير
  • This unique formulation is sourced from pure nitrogen and potassium sources, with high levels of phosphorus to stimulate root and bloom development processes.

Is a crystalline, soluble NPK fertilizer with high phosphorus (P2O5) content and trace elements enrichedespecially developed for enhancing roots development, stimulating blooming and setting.

Total nitrogen (source: potassium nitrate – urea – mono ammonium phosphate) 13.5% w/w
Nitric nitrogen 3.7% w/w
Ammoniacal nitrogen 7.9% w/w
uric nitrogen 1.9% w/w
Water-soluble phosphorus pentoxideP2O5 (Source: mono ammonium phosphate) 40.3% w/w
Water-soluble potassium oxide K2O (Source: Potassium Nitrate) 13.1% w/w

PH range guaranteeing acceptable stability of the chelated fraction: between 3and9

Instructions of use
Drip irrigation Foliar  crop
3-5kg /feddan(for 1 application) 300-400g/hl Citrus and fruit trees
3-5kg /feddan (for 1 application) 300-400g/hl Grapes
3-5 kg /feddan(for 1 application) 300-400g /hl Pineapple
3-5kg /feddan(for 1 application) 300-400g /hl Olive trees
3-5 kg /feddan(for 1application) 300-400g /hl Horticultural crops
3-5 kg /feddan(for 1 application) 300-400g /hl Ornamental crops


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