• بورون علي ايثانول فعال لتلافي اعراض نقص عنصر البورون وحاصل علي شهادة الزراعات العضوية
  • Boron on ethanol is an effective remedy for boron deficiency symptoms and is certified for organic agriculture

TARAFOL® B is a Boron deficiencies corrector given the high content in this trace element. Its formulation with ethanolamine gives it the advantages of this last one assuring a Boron effective absorption through the leaves and its translocation to the plant.

TARAFOL® B is highly concentrated in Boron-ethanolamine, which is soluble and assimilable by the plants.


TARAFOL® B is particularly recommended for foliar application in all kind of crops. However, it can also be applied by drip irrigation.

Foliar application:

  • Horticultural crops: 100-200 cc/hL
  • Beetroots: 150-300 cc/hL
  • Strawberry: 100 cc/hL (2-3 applications)
  • Fruit trees: 100-200 cc/hL
  • Citrus: 100-200 cc/hL
  • Olive trees: 150-250 cc/hL (1-3 applications)
  • Vineyard: 100 cc/hL (1-3 applications)
  • Sunflower: 300-400 cc/hL (1-2 applications)
  • Ornamental crops: 150-250 cc/hL
  • Lucerne and potato: 150-300cc/hL


  • Dose: 3-5 L/ha

Greenhouse crops:

  • 200 mL/1,000 m2 every week

Note: The recommended doses, here detailed, are indicative. Only the user can increase or reduce them according to the plant’s vegetative stage and the kind of soil.


TARAFOL® B can be mixed with the phytosanitary products and fertilizers commonly used in agriculture except those of alkaline nature. Anyway, it is recommended carrying out compatibility tests before its application. To be used only in case of recognized need and do not exceed the recommended dosages.

Boron is an element that if is not correctly applied it can cause phytotoxicity problems so the recommended dose doesn’t have to be exceeded in any case, having in mind the vegetative stage of the crop in the moment of application so it can be advisable.


  • Stabilized and highly mobile Boron.
  • Abscission reduction.
  • It increases development of fruits and flowers.

1 L, 5 L, 20 L


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