• بوتاسيوم محمل علي احماض عضوية لضمان سرعة التحجيم والتلوين
  • Potassium loaded onto organic acids to ensure rapid fruit sizing and coloring.

TARASOIL K is the perfect fertilizer for the final phases of the crops due to its high potassium concentration in the liquid form, preparing the plant for unfavorable climatologic conditions, favoring the maturation processes, giving more uniformity to the fruits size and enhancing the output. Its liquid form provides TARASOIL K an easy, quick and effective handling

48% w/v – 32% w/w Water-soluble potassium oxide
3% w/w Nitrogen


  • Size uniformity and higher fruits weight
  • Production Increase
  • Higher sugar concentration
  • Increase of fruits color intensity
  • Better organoleptic quality of fruits and vegetables
  • It favors early maturation and stress resistance to abiotic stress
 Instructions of use
Drip irrigation  crop
2-3liter/feddan (for 1 application) Fruit trees
2-3liter/feddan (for 1 application) Citrus
2-3liter/feddan (for 1 application) Vineyard
2-3liter/feddan (for 1 application) Olive tree
2-3liter/feddan (for 1 application) Horticultural crops
2-3liter/feddan (for 1 application) Onion and garlic

NOTE: The recommended dosages here detailed are indicative, only the user can increase or reduce them according to the plant vegetative stage and the kind of soil



  • TARASOIL K is compatible with most of the fertilizers commonly used in agriculture
  • Do not mix with acid pH products, especially with sulphate or phosphate salts.
  • It cannot be mixed with products of a special acidic nature with sulfur and phosphate salts. Anyway, it is recommended carrying out compatibility tests before its application. To be used only in case of recognized need do not exceed the recommended dosages


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