• مستخلص طحلب الاسكوفيلم نو دوسم مدعم بتوليفه مميزه من العناصر الكبري والصغري والماغنسيوم
  • An extract of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, fortified with a unique combination of macro and micronutrients, as well as magnesium

It is a natural bio-stimulant Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract based, enriched with NPK, saccharides, fulvic acid, organic matter and trace elements. recommended for all kind of crops. It protects plants tissues against unfavorable meteorological conditions (frosts, droughts, cold or high saltiness)

0.9% w/w Water-soluble zinc chelated by EDTA
0.6 % w/w Water-soluble iron chelated by EDTA
0.6% w/w Water-soluble manganese chelated by EDTA
0.78% w/w Magnesium oxide
0.4% w/w Mannitol
5.4% w/w Alginic acid
7% w/w Seaweed extract

PH range guaranteeing a good stability of the chelated fraction: pH between 3 and 11


  • Bio stimulants high input
  • High-tech manufacturing from selected raw materials
  • It recovers crops which suffer serious stress
  • Blooming induction stimulation
  • Setting enhancement
  • Output increase
 instructions of use
Drip irrigation Foliar  crop
1.5 liter / feddan 75-100cm/hl Fruit trees
1.5 liter / feddan 75-100cm/hl Strawberry
1.5 liter /feddan 75-100cm/hl tomato
1 liter / feddan 75-100cm/hl Horticultural crops
1 liter / feddan 75-100cm/hl Ornamental crops

Note: – The recommended dosages here detailed are indicative, only the user can increase or reduce them according to the plant vegetative stage and the kind of soil


  • TARAVERT PROGRESS can be mixed with the phytosanitary products and fertilizers commonly used fertilizers in agriculture, except products containing mineral oils, Sulphur, Copper or any other product of alkaline nature (pH>8).
  • Do not apply in plum tree. Anyway, it is recommended carrying out compatibility tests before its application. To be used only in case of recognized need do not exceed the recommended dosages


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