KRYSTAFEED® 19-19-19



It is a kind of NPK soluble, crystalline fertilizer enriched with trace elements.It is specially used for vegetative growth phases of plants.Completely free of chlorine and sodiumUrea used is low buriet.

Total nitrogen (source: potassium nitrate – urea – mono ammonium phosphate) 19.5% w/w
Nitric nitrogen 5.4% w/w
Ammoniacal nitrogen 5.7% w/w
Uric nitrogen 8.4% w/w
Water-soluble phosphorus pentoxideP2O5(Source: mono ammonium phosphate) 19.3% w/w
Water-soluble potassium oxide K2O (Source: Potassium Nitrate) 19.1% w/w

PH range guaranteeing a good stability of the chelated fraction: between 3 and 9

Instructions of use
Drip irrigation Foliar  crop
3-5kg /feddan(for 1 application) 300-400g/hl Citrus and fruit trees
3-5kg /feddan (for 1 application) 300-400g/hl Grapes
3-5 kg /feddan(for 1 application) 300-400g /hl Pineapple
3-5kg /feddan(for 1 application) 300-400g /hl Olive trees
3-5 kg /feddan(for 1application) 300-400g /hl Horticultural crops
3-5 kg /feddan(for 1 application) 300-400g /hl Ornamental crops


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