• نترات البوتاسيوم في صورتها النقية
  • Potassium nitrate in its pure form

Soluble crystalline fertilizer with high potassium content and enriched with trace elements

Especially used for fruits development, fatting and maturation

The importance of potassium for the plant·        Essential for starch and sugars formation·        Stimulates enzymatic reactions·        Organizes the opening and closing of the stomas According to this, potassium improves crop quality and plant resistance.Thus, KRYSTAFEED K is the ideal source of potassium for the plant. It provides the plant with nitrates and contains plant nutrients only completely free of sodium and chlorine, therefore it is suitable for all crops and growth environments. All of the nitrogen presents in the composition of KRYSTFEED K is in the form of nitrate (NO3-)








13% N =               62% No3

46%K2O =             38% k



Total:                    100% KNO3

13% w/w Total nitrogen (source: potassium nitrate)
13% w/w Nitric nitrogen
46% w/w Water-soluble potassium oxide K2O (Source: Potassium Nitrate)

PH range guaranteeing acceptable stability of the chelated fraction: between 3and 9


  • High-concentration of potassium and nitrogen
  • Optimal and stable granular formation
  • Completely soluble in water, therefore its safe for all irrigation systems
  • Does not form lumps and completely free of impurities
  • Improves fruits quality
  • Completely free of chlorine and sodium
  • Achieves the maximum nutrition efficiency for the plant
Instructions of use
Drip irrigation Foliar  crop
3-5kg /feddan(for 1 application) 300-400g/hl Citrus and fruit trees
3-5kg /feddan (for 1 application) 300-400g/hl Grapes
3-5 kg /feddan(for 1 application) 300-400g /hl Pineapple
3-5kg /feddan(for 1 application) 300-400g /hl Olive trees
3-5 kg /feddan(for 1application) 300-400g /hl Horticultural crops
3-5 kg /feddan(for 1 application) 300-400g /hl Ornamental crops




  • is compatible with the most commonly fertilizers used in agriculture It
  • It is not mixed with products based on calcium
  • Any way, it is recommended carrying out compatibility tests before application. To be used only in case of recognized need and do not exceed the required dosages.


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