Manni-Plex® Cal-Zn

  • تركيبة مميزه من الكالسيوم والزنك بقوة السكريات الكحولية سريعه الامتصاص والتاثير
  • A unique combination of calcium and zinc, powered by alcoholic sugars, is fast-absorbing and effective
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  • A unique combination of calcium and zinc complex on alcoholic sugars, which is the ideal solution to provide the elements calcium and zinc to the plant in an easy and fast absorbing form, in addition to the ease of movement and representation within the plant.
  • The use of a calcium-zinc manni-plex provides avoiding calcium deficiency that leads to flowering end rot, canker sores and fruit deformations, fruit spots and early fall of fresh fruits and leaves.
  • It also avoids the deficiency of zinc, which in turn is responsible for activating enzymes that convert sugars into energy needed for all vital processes within the plant. Zinc also has a key role in the synthesis of growth hormones and stimulate the immune system.

Density: 1.41 g/cm3

Use instructions  :

Foliar    :

Greens: 200-300 cm3/100 liters

Fruit : 250-350 cm3/ 100 liters

Chemical composition






Zinc 1.66%



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