•  AATC برولين سريع الامتصاص وممتد المفعول بفضل مادة
  •  بالاضافة الي الحديد والزنك والمنجنيز والسكريات الكحولية
  • Proline is quickly absorbed and has a prolonged effect by AATC  substance, in addition to iron, zinc, manganese, and alcoholic sugars.
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  • It is a unique product containing AATC and amino bromine acid in addition to the elements of iron, zinc and manganese complex on alcoholic sugars.
  • AATC maintains the optimal limit of active prolix within the plant by preventing its transformation from quadrant image 4-hydrocortisone to five-a-side image 5 hydrocortisone which leads to increased plant resistance to different forms of stress.

Density: 1.16 g/cm3

Usage instructions: Foliar

– Vegetable and fruit tree crops: 70-100 cm3/100 liters

– Agricultural greenhouse: 15-20  cm3/100 liters

Chemical  composition
AATC 5% 5.8%
Amino bromine acid 6% 6.99%
 Iron 2%  2.3%
0.58%zinc 0.5% 0.58
manganese 0.5% 0.58%


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