Manni-Plex® Complex

  • بقوة السكريات الكحولية الحديد والزنك والمنجنيز والبورون بميزة سرعه الامتصاص والتاثير
  • Powered by alcoholic sugars, iron, zinc, manganese, and boron have the advantage of fast absorption and effectiveness
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  • A unique combination of iron, zinc, manganese and boron complex on alcoholic sugars where it is the ideal solution to provide these elements to the plant in an easy and fast-absorbing form along with the ease of movement and representation within the plant.
  • The use of Manni Plex Complex avoids the shortage of these elements during the different stages of growth of the plant.

Density:  1.24g/cm3

Use instructions  :

Foliar :

  •             200-100 cm3/100 liters (lack of elements from weak to average)
  •                250-350 cm3/100 liters (severe element deficiency
    Chemical composition

    W/W W/V


    1% 1.24 %


    2.01% 2.5%
    Manganese 2.4%


    Boron 0.24%




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