An organic compound extracted from fermentation products of some of the selected types of plants that stimulate vital processes within the plant.

Free Amino Acids 13,00%   w/w
Carbohydrates (polysaccharides) 7.87%   w/w
Total organic matter 60,40%   w/w
Total fulvic acid


23.10%   w/w
 Nitrogen 15 %   w/w
Phosphorous (P2O5) 0.50%  w/w


Higher vegetative growth

Overcome stress situations

Improves fruits quality and quantity

Instruction for use: Drip irrigation from2: 3liters per feddan- foliar application from2:3 cm/100 liters

The Double effect of Proton G:  *Effect in plant

Overcome stress situations

Increases fruit quantity and quality

Shoot system development

*Effect in soil

Complexing effect of blocked Marco and trace elements

Beneficial effect in soil microflor aImproves soil structure


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