• منشط جذور بتكنولوجيا اسبانية مميز في زيادة كثافة الشعيرات الجذرية اختيارية الامتصاص للعناصر الغذائية
  •   A root stimulant with Spanish technology that excels in increasing the density of root hairs and selectively enhancing the absorption of nutrients.

Bio stimulant that bio stimulates roots, contains nutrients or stimuli and natural extracts that stimulate and develop the root system

Citric acid 10%  w/w
Nitrogen 7.65%  w/w
Phosphorus P2O5 39.0%  w/w
Rooting Bio inductors 1.3%   w/w
Zinc 2.5%  w/w
Boron 1% w/w


High density of secondary roots and absorbent hair

Optimizes the capacity of nutrients and water uptake

Overcoming stress phases (transplant, adverse, conditions, etc.)

High energy demand (bud break, blooming, fruit formation and development)

-Instruction for use:

Drip irrigation: 1kg/ feddan

Role of Amino acids in Auxiveg:

Improves the quality and production

Improves the solubility and nutrients assimilation

Promotes the synthesis of natural phytohormones (IAA)

Stimulates the development of secondary and tertiary roots, root hairs, in combination with natural auxins

Regulates root development through the synthesis of natural auxins

Role of Rooting Bio-inductors in Auxiveg:

Promotes water balance in the plant

Promotes seed germination

Enhances the rooting power


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