• حديد مخلبي ايدتا عالي النقاوة والجوده وحاصل علي شهادة الزراعات العضويه
  • Chelated iron with EDTA, high in purity and quality, and certified for organic agriculture


Is a product which contains iron chelated by EDDHA, which guarantees 4.8% of it in Ortho-Ortho, while the rest is chelated by other isomers of the EDDHA molecule

Consequently, the product is particularly conceived for being used in high PH and high calcium containing soils

Moreover, its presentation in micro granular from gives it a high solubility, which allows its application directly on the soils or previously water dissolved


  • Maximum impact against ferric chlorosis
  • Optimum effectiveness in the most difficult conditions
  • Increase of the stability and presence in the soil
  • Instantaneous dissolution
  • Easy handling
  • Iron is essential for the biochemical processes


  • IRONFEED48 is compatible with most of the fertilizers commonly used in agriculture
  • Do not mix with very acid solutions. Anyway, it is recommended carrying out compatibility tests before its application to be used only in case of recognized need do not exceed the recommended dosages.
  • Water-soluble Iron (Fe)6% w/w
  • Water soluble Iron (Fe) chelated by EDTA4.8% w/w

Certified product for organic agriculture


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