• منجنيز مخلبي ايدتا عالي النقاوة والجودة وحاصل علي شهادة الزراعات العضويه
  • High purity and quality EDTA chelated manganese with organic agriculture certification.

TARAFEED® Mn is a product which contains Manganese chelated by EDTA, in micro granular form and highly soluble. The synthesis process of the chelating agent and the technology of the final chemical reaction used guarantee a complete chelation, assuring the maximum protection of Manganese by the chelating agent.

TARAFEED® Mn is recommended for preventing and correcting the symptoms caused by Manganese deficiencies in all kind of crops and soils.


Foliar application:

  • Horticultural crops: 100 g/hL
  • Citrus: 70-100 g/hL
  • Fruit trees 70-100 g/hL
  • Vineyard: 70-100 g/hL
  • Ornamental crops: 50-100 g/hL


  • Horticultural crops: 5-10 kg/ha
  • Citrus: 3-4 kg/ha
  • Fruit trees: 30-70 g/tree
  • Vineyard: 10-25 g/plant
  • Ornamental crops: 1-2 g/m
  • Cereal and corn: 1 kg/ha

In citrus, if mixed with TARAFEED® Zn it is recommended that the dose of this last one will be 25% higher.

Note: The recommended doses, here detailed, are indicative. Only the user can increase or reduce them according to the plant’s vegetative stage and the kind of soil.


TARAFEED® Mn is compatible with most of the fertilizers commonly used in agriculture. Do not mix it with cupric, organo-cupric and oily products, Sulphur or alkaline products. Do not apply in plum tree or apricot. Anyway, it is recommended carrying out compatibility before its application. In citrus, if mixed with TARAFEED® Zn it is recommended that the dose of this last one is 25% higher.


  • 100% stable and protected Manganese, without interactions.
  • Totally soluble Manganese.
  • Easy handling.
  • Instantaneous dissolution.
  • Quick and effective assimilation


1 kg, 5 kg

  • Manganese (Mn) soluble in water13% w/w
  • Manganese (Mn) chelated EDTA13% w/w

According to Spanish regulations in force
Note: The information contained in this website does not exempt from following the indications of each product’s label.


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